"A SHOE FOR A SHOOT" derzeit im Bundesministerium für Landesverteidiung und Sport, Wien


2016 SHOEting -  Gerhard Aba, ONA B, Thomas Nemec und Elvira Rajek im Phantastenmuseum Wien


2016 SHOEbidoo - Lange Nacht der Museen im Phantasten Museum
Objekte von Elvira Rajek & ONA B.


2016 Gruppenausstellung WIENER BLUT, Galerie Treptow, Berlin, Deutschland


2015/2016 Anlitz und Seele der Dinge - KUNST:WERK St. Pölten - Niederösterreich


2015 Gruppenausstellung, Palazzo Zenobio, Venedig


2015 Gruppenausstellung  SHOEting Stars - 5 Sinne & Mehr -  Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Österreich







Elvira Rajek, MA, Visual Artist

Born in 1965, lives and works in Vienna, Austria


A level in Vienna; Studies at the Vienna University, Study Stay at Lagos, Nigeria, Diploma at the College of Education of Vienna, Master's degree at the CCNY of the City University of New York. International Summeracademy of Fine Arts Venice - Masterclass: Professor Peju Alatise.


Elvira Rajek's artistic work started in 2004.


Joint Projects with the photographer and cameraman Bernhard Kucirek till 2009. Foundation of the art group in 2010.


Photography, video, assemblage and objectart.


"The intended mise-en-scène has been an important component of my art work. Having started with arranged portraits, for the last years I have focused on still lifes and turned to a surrealistic way of working. I just need to assemble the pictures and thoughts of my consciousness and unconscious to create a new vision and a new way to see. As Georg Christoph Lichtenberg said, He, who has eyes to see, sees everything in everything."

Research as well as the study of particular topics play important roles in the artistic realization: to deal with a topic - to eviscerate, to mangle, and to transform - to achieve a new insight. Veiled criticism with a touch of irony is intended.